April 2, 2019

Hadoop Commands

hadoop command [genericOptions] [commandOptions]

hadoop fs
Usage: hadoop fs [generic options]
[-appendToFile <localsrc> ... <dst>]
[-cat [-ignoreCrc] <src> ...]
[-checksum <src> ...]
[-chgrp [-R] GROUP PATH...]
[-chmod [-R] <MODE[,MODE]... | OCTALMODE> PATH...]
[-chown [-R] [OWNER][:[GROUP]] PATH...]
[-copyFromLocal [-f] [-p] [-l] [-d] <localsrc> ... <dst>]
[-copyToLocal [-f] [-p] [-ignoreCrc] [-crc] <src> ... <localdst>]
[-count [-q] [-h] [-v] [-t [<storage type>]] [-u] [-x] <path> ...]
[-cp [-f] [-p | -p[topax]] [-d] <src> ... <dst>]
[-createSnapshot <snapshotDir> [<snapshotName>]]
[-deleteSnapshot <snapshotDir> <snapshotName>]
[-df [-h] [<path> ...]]
[-du [-s] [-h] [-x] <path> ...]
[-find <path> ... <expression> ...]
[-get [-f] [-p] [-ignoreCrc] [-crc] <src> ... <localdst>]
[-getfacl [-R] <path>]
[-getfattr [-R] {-n name | -d} [-e en] <path>]
[-getmerge [-nl] [-skip-empty-file] <src> <localdst>]
[-help [cmd ...]]
[-ls [-C] [-d] [-h] [-q] [-R] [-t] [-S] [-r] [-u] [<path> ...]]
[-mkdir [-p] <path> ...]
[-moveFromLocal <localsrc> ... <dst>]
[-moveToLocal <src> <localdst>]
[-mv <src> ... <dst>]
[-put [-f] [-p] [-l] [-d] <localsrc> ... <dst>]
[-renameSnapshot <snapshotDir> <oldName> <newName>]
[-rm [-f] [-r|-R] [-skipTrash] [-safely] <src> ...]
[-rmdir [--ignore-fail-on-non-empty] <dir> ...]
[-setfacl [-R] [{-b|-k} {-m|-x <acl_spec>} <path>]|[--set <acl_spec> <path>]]
[-setfattr {-n name [-v value] | -x name} <path>]
[-setrep [-R] [-w] <rep> <path> ...]
[-stat [format] <path> ...]
[-tail [-f] <file>]
[-test -[defsz] <path>]
[-text [-ignoreCrc] <src> ...]
[-touchz <path> ...]
[-truncate [-w] <length> <path> ...]
[-usage [cmd ...]]

hadoop fs -ls / -- Get a directory listing of the HDFS root directory
hadoop fs -ls /user/hive
hadoop fs -ls s3a://satya-hive/trip_data_dec17
hadoop fs -cat /test1/foo.txt -- Display contents of the file residing in HDFS
hadoop fs -cat /test1/foo.txt | wc -l -- Count the number of lines of file in  HDFS
hadoop fs -rm /test1/foo.txt -- Remove the file in HDFS
hadoop fs -rm -r hadoop-test2
hadoop fs -mkdir /test6/ -- Create a directory under the HDFS root directory
hadoop fs -put foo.txt /test6/ -- Copy file foo.txt from local disk to the directory
hadoop fs -put /etc/note.txt /test2/note_fs.txt
hadoop fs -get /user/satya/passwd ./ -- Copy the file back to local disk
hadoop fs -cp hadoop-test1/dwp-payments-april10.csv hadoop-test2
hadoop fs -cp /user/satya/reviews_Home_and_Kitchen_5.json s3a://satya-sparks/reviews_HomeKitchen
hadoop fs -Ddfs.replication=2 -cp hadoop-test2/dwp-payments-april10.csv hadoop-test2/test_with_rep2.csv
hadoop fs -mv hadoop-test1/dwp-payments-april10.csv hadoop-test3
hadoop fs -setrep 5 -R /user/satya/tmp/
hadoop fs -chmod 1777 /tmp
hadoop fs -touch /user/satya/test/foo
hadoop fs -rmr /user/satya/test/foo
hadoop fs -touchz /user/satya/test/bar
hadoop fs -count -q /user/satya
hadoop fs -copyFromLocal  /hirw-starterkit/hdfs/commands/dwp-payments-april10.csv hadoop-test1
hadoop fs -copyToLocal hadoop-test1/dwp-payments-april10.csv .
hadoop -execute start-all.sh

hadoop job -list
hadoop job -kill jobID
hadoop job -list-attempt-ids jobID taskType taskState
hadoop job -kill-task taskAttemptId

hadoop namenode -format

hadoop jar <jar_file> wordcount <output_file>
hadoop jar /opt/hadoop/hadoop-examples-1.0.4.jar wordcount /out/wc_output

hadoop dfsadmin -report
hadoop dfsadmin -setSpaceQuota 10737418240 /user/esammer
hadoop dfsadmin -refreshNodes
hadoop dfsadmin -upgradeProgress status
hadoop dfsadmin -finalizeUpgrade

hadoop fsck
Usage: DFSck <path> [-move | -delete | -openforwrite] [-files [-blocks [-locations | -racks]]]
<path> -- start checking from this path
-move -- move corrupted files to /lost+found
-delete -- delete corrupted files
-files -- print out files being checked
-openforwrite -- print out files opened for write
-blocks -- print out block report
-locations -- print out locations for every block
-racks -- print out network topology for data-node locations
By default fsck ignores files opened for write, use -openforwrite to report such files. They are usually tagged CORRUPT or HEALTHY depending on their block allocation status.
hadoop fsck / -files -blocks -locations
hadoop fsck /user/satya -files -blocks -locations

hadoop distcp -- Distributed Copy (distcp)
distcp [OPTIONS] <srcurl>* <desturl>
-p[rbugp] Preserve status
r: replication number
b: block size
u: user
g: group
p: permission
-p alone is equivalent to -prbugp
-i Ignore failures
-log <logdir> Write logs to <logdir>
-m <num_maps> Maximum number of simultaneous copies
-overwrite Overwrite destination
-update Overwrite if src size different from dst size
-skipcrccheck Do not use CRC check to determine if src is different from dest. Relevant only if -update is specified
-f <urilist_uri> Use list at <urilist_uri> as src list
-filelimit <n> Limit the total number of files to be <= n
-sizelimit <n> Limit the total size to be <= n bytes
-delete Delete the files existing in the dst but not in src
-mapredSslConf <f> Filename of SSL configuration for mapper task

NOTE 1: if -overwrite or -update are set, each source URI is interpreted as an isomorphic update to an existing directory.
For example:
hadoop distcp -p -update "hdfs://A:8020/user/foo/bar" "hdfs://B:8020/user/foo/baz"
would update all descendants of 'baz' also in 'bar'; it would *not* update /user/foo/baz/bar

NOTE 2: The parameter <n> in -filelimit and -sizelimit can be specified with symbolic representation. For examples,
1230k = 1230 * 1024 = 1259520
891g = 891 * 1024^3 = 956703965184

hadoop distcp hdfs://A:8020/path/one hdfs://B:8020/path/two
hadoop distcp /path/one /path/two

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